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Longwanqun National Forest Park (AAAA-level scenic area)

Located in southeastern Huinan County, Longwanqun National Forest Park has the most volcanic clusters and the largest cluster of crater lakes in northeast China with a combined area of 8,133 hectares.

The park is notable for seven crater lakes, a waterfall and two peaks. They are respectively Dalong Crater Lake, Erlong Crater Lake, Xiaolong Crater Lake, Donglong Crater Lake, Nanlong Crater Lake, Hanlong Crater Lake, Sanjiaolong Crater Lake, Diaoshuihu Waterfall, Jinlong Peak and Sifang Peak. The forest there stretches out over 50 kilometers and the seven crater lakes emerged after volcanoes erupted in ancient geographical age, shining like jewels against the backdrop of numerous mountains.

Ticket price:

Through ticket:

135 yuan/person (Dalong Crater Lake: 35 yuan/person; Sanjiaolong Crater Lake: 50 yuan/person; Diaoshui lake: 50 yuan/person)

Sifang Peak: 25 yuan/person

Longwan drifting: 90 yuan/person

Fare for sightseeing boat in Dalong Crater Lake and Sanjiaolong Crater Lake: 20 yuan/person, fare for yacht: 30 yuan/person, Hanlong Crater Lake: 30 yuan/person.

Battery cart: 10 yuan.

10% discount will be given to individual tourists buying a through ticket and 25% discount will be given to any group with over 30 members buying through tickets.

Opening time: All year round, 7:30-17:30

Peak seasons: from May 1 to 0ctober 10

Parking lot:

Standard parking lots are available in front of the scenic areas of Dalong Crater Lake, Sanjiaolong Crater Lake and Diaoshuihu Waterfall. 60-70 vehicles can be parked in each parking lot. 10 yuan will be charged for each car while 40 yuan for each bus.


The scenic area can be accessed by plane in Changchun, Shenyang and Songjianghe. Huinan County Railway Station is a station along train lines from Jilin or Tumen to Shenyang or Beijing. The Chaoyang Town Railway Station, located in the northwest of the county, had lines to Jilin, Tumen, Shenyang, Beijing and Ningbo.

Hotline of the railway station: 0435-8223604

Hotline of passenger transport service center: 0435-8236444


From Shenyang to the scenic area: Tourists can drive along the Shenji Highway, change direction to Changbai Mountain before Yingbai Highway and keep driving until Yangzishao Town is seen. There is a highway to the scenic area in the town.

From Changchun City to the scenic area: Tourists can drive along the Yingbai highway to Yangzishao Town where there is a highway to the scenic area.

Hotline: 0435-8863006



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