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China.org.cn, January 9, 2017
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"Welcome to Jilin, a fascinating tourist destination all year round" (http://jilin.china.org.cn) is a tourism portal site to northeast China's Jilin Province, authorized by Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Committee. It is operated and maintained by China.org.cn (China Internet Information Center). This portal site serves as a platform for international tourists to discover and get to know the province’s splendid tourism resources like never before. It offers access to a wealth of information on Jilin's scenic areas, together with travelling tips and up-to-date news about Jilin’s tourism industry.

Following is a brief introduction about the main responsibilities of Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Committee:

(1) To coordinate the development of the province’s tourism industry, formulate development policies, plans and standards, draw up related local laws and regulations as well as draft regulations of the provincial government; to draft related systems and policies and supervise their implementation; to give instructions to lower-level government agencies in charge of tourism development all over the province.

(2) to draw up and implement plans to promote domestic tourist arrivals in Jilin as well as inbound and outbound tourism; to promote Jilin’s tourism image both at home and abroad.

(3) to investigate, make plans for, develop and protect tourism resources in Jilin. To offer instructive suggestions to plan and develop key tourism districts, destinations and routes and promote the development of recreational tourism; to keep close eyes on the province’s tourism economy, collect tourism data and release related information; to coordinate and guide employment in tourism industry and arrangements related to holiday trips and red tourism.

(4) to be responsible for keeping the province’s tourism market in order, supervise and regulate the services, protect the legal rights and interests of consumers and tourism business owners.

(5) to promote Jilin’s international tourism exchanges and cooperation, including cooperation with international tourism organizations. To draw up and implement policies for overseas and border tourism. To examine and approve documents submitted by foreign tourism organizations in order to set up offices in Jilin according to established laws and regulations, check the qualifications of foreign-funded travel agencies to access the tourism market of Jilin, examine and approve the qualifications of travel agencies in the province involved in international tourism and businesses related to outbound, border and other kinds of tourism.

(6) to implement the policies China has formulated for trips by mainland tourists to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, cooperate with other related departments to establish and implement provincial policies on trips by citizens of Jilin to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and promote Jilin’s tourism resources to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Be responsible for matters concerning trips by citizens of Jilin to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in line with laws and regulations, examine and approve travel organizations in Jilin set up by people of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan according to laws and regulations and check the qualifications of Hong Kong-, Macao- and Taiwan-funded travel agencies for accessing the tourism market of Jilin.

(7) to draw up and implement tourism talents planning, offer guidance to tourism training in Jilin, cooperate with related departments to set and implement multi-level standards for those engaged in tourism industry.

(8) to undertake tasks from Jilin provincial government.