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Green Dream Ecological Agricultural Park of Baishan

Zhongtian Group Baishan Zhongtian Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is an independent legal entity wholly owned by Baishan Zhongtian Group.

In line with local development, Baishan Zhongtian Agricultural Science and Technology Company built the Baishan Zhongtian Ecological Agricultural Park as a supplier of various agricultural products and a place for leisure and recreation.

Covering 66.6 hactares in area, the park features agricultural production and sightseeing. It is the largest of its kind in Baishan and the first PPP project in the city.

The company mainly engages in producing vegetables, fruits, and edible mushrooms and provides tourism services such as catering, sightseeing, and vegetable and fruit picking.

Address: Dongcun Village, Liudaojiang Town, Hunjiang District


Route 1: Changchun - Baishan - about 13 kilometers westward away from Baishan

Route 2: Changchun -Tonghua - about 43 kilometers eastward away from Tonghua

Telephone: 0439-3366789

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