Songhua Stone, October 26, 2016
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Tourist commodities typical of local identity include black pottery, Songhua inkstone, wine, linden honey, hericium erinaceus, fungus, pteridium aquilinum, schisandra chinensis, marten skin, deer velvet antler and ginseng.
Suggested shop: Baishan mountain product market.
Songhua Stone
Songhua stone, also known as Songhua jade or siliceous micritic limestone technically, may date back to Sinian Period over 800 million years ago. According to experts in rare stone, Songhua stone, as a new comer in China's rare stone market, looks special with their diverse shapes. It also has a variety of categories including landscape stone, hieroglyphic stone, veined stone and composite colored stone. The special shape, beautiful veins, and especially the sound quality and glorious color make the stone the best material to make inkstones and high-end decorative products. Therefore, Songhua stone enjoys huge market potential.
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