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Changbai Mountain Market


Changbai Mountain Market, located in the southeast of Baishan City, Jilin Province, in the heartland of Changbai Mountain, is the largest mountain products market in Asia. It handles 16,000 buyers each day with a daily turnover of over 1.5 million yuan and generates 2.56 million yuan in tax and profit annually. The heartland of Changbai Mountain is a main production area for specialties of northeast China.

The market supplies several categories of products: pharmaceutical products, deer products, tonic products, local specialties, animal husbandry products, and liquor products.

Pharmaceutical products include wild mountain ginseng, transplanted mountain ginseng, ginseng, schisandra chinensis, codonopsis pilosula, gastrodia, boschniakia rossica, rhodiola rosea and bear bile. Deer products include deer velvet antler, deer penis, deer sinew, deer meat, deer heart, deer blood, deer tail and deer fetus. Tonic products include forest frog's oviduct, royal jelly, pollen and honey. Local specialties include wild vegetables, hohenbuehelia sertina, fungus, hazelnut, hericium erinaceus, pteridium aquilinum, sanicula lamelligera, seeds of pinus koraiensis, pecan and osmunda japonica. Animal husbandry products include fox skin, pheasant and hazel grouse. Liquor products include Dishengbao medicinal liquor and Fenggong medicinal liquor.

Hotline: 0439-3325979

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