China Changbai Mountain International Tourism Festival, 10 26, 2016
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Time: late May to late October each year

Place: The Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone of Jilin Province

Main content:

Enjoying flowers on the mountain, the International Forest Highway Cycling Festival, mountain hiking, the Changbai Mountain Folk Custom and Food Month, etc.

Exhibitions and Performances:

Changbai Folk Custom Performance, which shows the long-standing Manchu culture and the unique culture of the Korean ethnic group. It is characteristic of Changbai Mountain culture, including long-drum dance, waist bell dance, original Shaman worship dance, work song of lifting timber, song-and-dance duet of Northesast China, etc.

Performance time: 8:00 pm every day

Performance venue: Changbai Mountain Entertainment Hall in the Chibei District