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Tea Tray of Songhua Stone

Tourist commodities typical of local identity include black pottery, Songhua inkstone, wine, linden honey, hericium erinaceus, fungus, pteridium aquilinum, schisandra chinensis, marten skin, deer velvet antler and ginseng.

Suggested shop: Baishan mountain product market.

Tea Tray of Songhua Stone

Songhua stone, also called Songhua River stone or Songhua jade, is named after its producing location in the Songhua River Basin in Jilin Province. Songhua stone often looks pure and moderate with its green or light green color. A tea tray of Songhua stone is often shaped in line with the original shape of the stone it is made of. Different engraving techniques are adopted for different shapes. Songhua stone tea trays all have fine lines, neat edges and distinctive themes. Pine, cypress, bamboo, plum, cloud, river, sea, moon, flower, dragon, phoenix, crane and mythological and historical stories are among the common patterns and themes for the tea trays.

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