Ginseng, October 28, 2016
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Yanbian forest area has rich natural resources and produces a lot of local specialties. It produces more than 800 kinds of medicinal plants. There live more than 250 kinds of wild animals. Yanbian is the place of origin for the “Three Treasures in Northeast China”, and “Four Mountain Treasures”. The three old treasures refers to ginseng, marten fur and pilos deer horn. The three new treasures are Rhodiola rosea, forest frog and Orobanche coerulescens. The four old mountain treasures are frog, bear’s paw, hedgehog hydnum and hazel grouse. The four new mountain treasures are tricholoma matsutake, yuan mushroom, pine nut and pheasant. These natural treasures are valuable and famous both at home and abroad.


Ginseng is famous as the king of all herbals, and is more valuable than the other two treasures of Northeast China. It has many root hairs. There are three kinds of ginseng: wild mountain ginseng, transplanted mountain ginseng, and farmed ginseng. It is called “head of all medicines”, and has been a tribute to the imperial families since the Han Dynasty (202 -220 BC). It contains ginseng glycoside, ginseng acid, aromatic oil, vitamin glycoside, etc, and can promote metabolism, help reduce blood glucose, and benefit human’s five internal organs, sooth the nerves, and get rid of evil influence. It is a rare medicinal herb, and can also be used in cooking, refining sugar, and wine brewage.