Restaurants in Changchun, October 31, 2016
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Jiumaojiu Noodle Restaurant

Orginial address: 1299 Huxi Road, Chaoyang District

Telephone: 0431—88641999

Branch address: Floor 2 Nanhu Jiari, 1999 Nanhu Road, Nanguang District

Telephone: 0431-82893999

Dongfang Dumpling King

Address: 3858 Gongnong Road

Telephone: 0431-85693868

Address: 993 Zhengyang Street

Telephone: 0431-82992291

Address: 152 Xinfa Road

Telephone: 0431—82732837

Address: 252 Dongfeng Avenue

Telephone: 0431-85975498

Address: Food Square, Ouya Shopping Center 

Telephone: 0431-85616723

Address: On the left side of the front door of the Department Store

Telephone: 0431-88989632

Address: Food square, Xintiandi

Telephone: 0431-88767622

Address: 742 Xinkang Road

Telephone: 0431-85670006

Address: Building 1, Wu Yi Jia Yuan, 89 Jilin Road

Telephone: 0431-84973233

Address: At the intersection of Xiertiao and Hangzhou Road

Telephone: 0431-89965555

Address: Building 105A, Dong Fang Jia Yuan, Haoyue Road, near Carrefour

Telephone: 0431-88567777

Address: Food square, floor 2, Ouya Shopping Center

Telephone: 0431-85551588

Address: Food section, Floor 3, Wanda Square, 12 Hongqi Street

Telephone: 0431-81936006

Address: Food section, Zhongdong Market, 6738 Ziyou Road

Telephone: 0431-88017971

Southeast Asia Bangkok Hotel

Address: At the intersection of Gongnong Road and Tongzhi Street

Telephone: 0431-85604666

Gao Li Wang Chao Steak, Miso Soup and Hotpot  Restaurant

Address: At the intersection of West Minzhu Road and Nanchang Road

Telephone: 0431-85604666

Address: 800 Gongnong Road, Chaoyang District

Telephone: 0431-89908777

Address: At the intersection of Xi'an Road and Liaoning Road

Telephone: 0431-88597666

Address: Floor 10, Ouya Shopping Center, Hongqi Road

Telephone: 18743092412

Address: Food square, Floor 5, Ouya Chuncheng

Telephone: 13069208073

Address: At the intersection of Dongfeng Street and Rixin Road

Telephone: 0431—87653399

Address: At the intersection of Anda Street and West Zhonghua Road, south of Jihang Garage

Telephone: 0431-88589133

Hanzhuang Restaurant

Original address: 523 Xisandao Street, Dajing Road

Telephone: 0431-88915188

Branch address: 599 Anda Street

Telephone: 0431-88545988

Flagship address: 1211 Jilin Road

Telephone: 0431-84977758

Branch address: Opposite the Tian Di Shi Er Fang, Linhe Street, Fifth Section, Changchun Economic and Technologial Development Zone

Telephone: 0431-85222555 84741777

Branch address: 100 meters south of the intersection of West Minzhu Street and West Chaoyang Road

Jibaijia Yalu River Wild Fish Restaurant

Original address: At the intersection of Yatai Street and Erdao Street

Telephone: 0431-88656222

Branch address: At the intersection of Yatai Street and Erdao Street, 2030 East Nanhu Road

Telephone: 0431-87059555

Jinan Restaurant

Address: 1 Xianyang Road (by the back door of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee)

Telephone: 0431-88917898

Branch address: 356 Chuangye Street (behind the Auto Trade Market)

Telephone: 0431-87655629

Branch address: At the intersection of Jilin Road and Shunjie Street

Telephone: 0431-84956899

Branch address: At the intersection of Yatai Street and Yikuang Street

Telephone: 0431-82683799

Jihang Haigang Seafood Restaurant

Flagship address: 2355 Liaoning Road

Branch address: 519 East Minzhu Street

Branch address: 399 Qianjin Street

Branch address: 1676 Hongqi Street

Telephone: 0431-86139555

Ruyifang Dolar

Company address: 103 Nanjing Street, Jilin City

Telephone: 0432-62443266

Branch address: Building D, Yatai Haoyuan, Ziyou Road, Changchun

Telephone: 0431-82653333

Branch address: 6789 Yatai Street, Changchun

Telephone: 0431-85013333

Branch address: At the intersection of Qianjin Street and Huguang Road, Changchun

Telephone: 0431- 89093333

Branch address: At the intersection of Xi'an Road and Anda Street, Changchun

Telephone: 0431-82693333

Taiwan Cuisine Restaurant

Branch address: 2000 East Nanhu Road

Telephone: 0431-85393838

Branch address: Food section, floor 3, Wanda Square, Hongqi Street, Changchun

Telephone: 0431-81936661