Entertainment venues in Tonghua

China.org.cn, November 1, 2016
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Tourist variety show, Trip to Ji'an, features the city's scenery typical of southern China although it is located in northern China

Address: koguryo Cultural Performance Square, 409 Wenhua Road, Ji'an City

Tonghua Ice and Snow Resort

Telephone: 3460258

Address: 15 kilometers southwest ofTonghua City

Qianye Lake Ice and Snow World

Telephone: 3246639

Address: 1588 Jiangxue Road, Tonghua City

Zhongdong Cinema

Telephone: 3358175

Address: Floor 2, Zhongdong New Living Mall, Tonghua City

Dahua Swimming Pool

Telephone: 36550606

Address: 3629 Binjiang West Road, Tonghua City 

Nan Bo Wan Music Square

Telephone: 3248666

Address: 55 Xinzhan Road, Tonghua City

Erdaojiang Tonggang Stadium

Telephone: 3775795

Address: Erdaojiang District, Tonghua City