Beifang Hotel, November 7, 2016
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Beifang Hotel is a share-holding enterprise affiliated to Liaoyuan Commerce Bureau. It is a relatively big hotel in the city which offers both dining and catering services. Located in the bustling area in front of the railway station, it covers 3532 square meters with a building area of 8500 square meters. The hotel is easy of access for more than 20 buses depart from the railway station for different parts of the city and the long-distance bus station is right across the road the hotel is located on.

The hotel contains a large conference room and two medium-sized ones for meetings of various kinds. It is capable of accommodating more than 200 people at the same time. Rooms, high-end, medium-end and low-end, are all equipped with air conditioners, restrooms, shower and tub baths with hot-water supply 24/7, and color TVs broadcasting programs of more than 30 channels. The telephones in the guestrooms can be used to make long-distance domestic and international calls. Distinctive small dining halls and spacious and bright large ones can simultaneously serve 300 people.