Liaoyuan Hotel, November 7, 2016
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Initially built in 1977 and owned by Liaoyuan Government, Liaoyuan Hotel is a three-star international hotel. It is located on the beautiful Longshou Mountain, 11 Longshan North Road in the east of Liaoyuan. Covering over 33,000 square meters with a building area of 236,000 square meters, the hotel offers comprehensive services and facilities relating to catering, accommodation, body building, entertainment and shopping. It has 151 guest rooms, 15 dining halls of various sizes and 13 meeting rooms. The main building, after a sweeping refurbishment in 2010, looks spanking new with complete functions. In addition to catering halls, single rooms, standard rooms and suites, it also contains chess and card rooms, beauty salons, shopping mall and business center. Meanwhile, in its VIP building, there are also dinning hall, meeting rooms, single rooms, standard rooms and suites.

Address: No.6 in Longshan North Street

Telephone: 0437-3225410