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Qian’an Mud Forest

As a national-level natural reserve and geopark, Qian’an Mud Forest is located in the west of Qian’an County in Songyuan City, about 35 kilometers from the county seat and facing Dabusu Lake to the west. The Mud Forest, with earth formations in the shapes of saw-tooth and wolf-tooth, is drastically imposing just like an ancient castle ready for battle in which warriors embattle around crenels to fight for the castle.

Chains of mud peaks here and there are quite arresting. Because of the distinctive shape, local people call the Mud Forest “Langya (Wolf-tooth) Embankment”. The Langya Embankment is about 50 meters above the lake level, 15 kilometers long from north to south and has an area of 58 square kilometers. Gullies spread in staggered way and tens of thousands of mud columns connect with each other just like forestry. The steep soil walls of various shapes are so imposing and dangerous that you feel like staying in an abyss or a secluded valley. The Mud Forest enjoys an equal reputation as the Stone Forest in southern China’s Yunnan Province.

The Dabusu “Langya Embankment” was approved as “Dabusu Langya Embankment Naturae Reserve” in March of 1994 and China Qian’an Mud Forest Museum was built in January 2004 with a special fund from Jilin government. It was also certified as a National-level Nature Reserve by the Ministry of Land and Resources in July 2005 and a National-level Geopark by the same organization in August 2009.

Ticket price: 60 yuan per person

Opening time: 8:30 to 16:30

Parking lot:

There is a parking lot in the scenic area.

Telephone: 0438-8727512


Buses in Songyuan and Qian’an can reach this scenic area.


You can drive along Hunwu Expressway for about 2.5 hours from Changchun through Nong’an County and Songyuan City to Suozi Town of Qian’an County.

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