Qianye Lake Ski Resort (AA-level Scenic Area)

China.org.cn, November 28, 2016
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The Qianye Lake Ice and Snow World in Tonghua City is a relaxing resort offering delicious food, comfortable accommodation and various entertainment activities with a combined area of 1 million square meters about 1 kilometer away from Tonghua’s urban area. All activities are organized around its waters which take up 17333.3 square meters as deep as 8 meters. This place has virgin forestry with thousands of kinds of plants and trees. Rocks here are formed into multilayer by mica similar to gold. Additionally, China’s first ski resort built during the Japanese puppet regime was situated here. The Qianye Lake, nearby the urban area, enjoys convenient transport and crystal-clear water. Fish raised here is so delicious that eating fish has become a must and pleasurable thing for visitors.

Activities arranged here in winter include skiing, skating, horse riding, dog sled, sleigh, snow raft, snow train, swimming, fishing, snowmobiling, whipping top, boat for lovers, snow football, snow swings, icy sculpture and lanterns, horse sledding, flying across lake, wirewalking in snow, sliding down hill by plane, skiing through machine and unicycle in air.


The resort is about 1 kilometer away from Jiangnan of Tonghua’s urban area.

Telephone: 0435-3246639