Yuhuang Mountain Park (AA-level Scenic Area)

China.org.cn, November 28, 2016
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The Yuhuang Mountain Park is located in the Yuhuang Mountain on the north side of Hunjiang River of Tonghua City. Its advantageous location and well-kept natural virgin forestry enable it to stand out among similar parks across China and represents the typical scenery of the mountainous city. The park is also the only comprehensive park in Tonghua’s urban area where you can play and appreciate scenery. Moreover, the Yuhuang Mountain Temple Fair held on lunar April 18 every year is known as the oldest, largest, most participated folk custom fair in Tonghua. During the fair, the place becomes a popular destination among tourists and prayers.

Address: 160 Yuquan Toad in Tonghua City

Telephone: 0435-3213031