International Natural-Snow Ski Park of the Changbai Mountain, December 1, 2016
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The International Natural-Snow Ski Park of the Changbai Mountain is located in the west scene area of the Changbai Mountain. It is the only ski park in China based on natural snow, and is the biggest natural snow theme park in Asia. It has five natural snow tracks with the longest one being seven kilometers. The snow tracks, along the natural streamline of the volcano cone, go ups and downs and are very challenging. The Changbai Mountain shows a perfect combination of green forests and white snow. The sky is high and far with the sun shining above. Standing on snow board, go in lightening speed in the endless wild. Or, drive a snowscooter on the trail through the woods, jolting, turning and promptly dropping.

Here, travelers can sprinkle their sports passion and creativeness as much as they like. To satisfy ski amateurs’ demand, the park set up a beginners’ training center with professional tutors providing on-site instructions. At the same time, there are snow programs such as snow sledding, snowscooter and snow sleighs as well as functional areas including resting area for tourists, snow equipment renting area and hot food sales area, meeting the needs of professional extreme sports players and ordinary tourists as well. Besides snow sports, tourists can also see the winter magnificence of the Tianchi Lake and the Grand Changbai Mountain Valley in white.