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Phoenix Mountain


The Phoenix Mountain, a famous historical mountain in northeast China, is located in the Tangtun Village, Xihe Town of Shulan City. It is 2 km from No.202 State Road, 4 km from the township government, 60 km to downtown Shulan and 65 km from Jilin City. It has an altitude of 365 meters and an area of 880 hectares. To its east, there are numerous mountains; and to its west is vast land. Green pines and cypresses set off the magnificent temples on the mountains. Down the mountains, the beautiful Songhua River flows like a jade belt. The Phoenix Mountain is the best of all in the area. It is lofty and steep like a dragon heading up and like a beautiful phoenix opening out the wings.

The main scenes in the Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area include: Wanfo Temple, Haiyun Cave, Sanxian (three-immortal) Cave, dry well, phoenix claw stone, small stone forest, hades, eight immortals looking at the river, Chaofeng Pavilion, Yunyan Pavilion, Longfeng (dragon and phoenix) Hall, Shengshui (holy water) Pavilion, etc.

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