Tonghua Ski Resort, December 5, 2016
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The Tonghua Ski Resort is about 7 kilometers to the southwest of Tonghua City which means that it enjoys the shortest distance to city compared with other ski resorts in China. It serves as a multifunctional platform for training, race, diving tower and tourism with an area of 66.7 hectares. China hired former Soviet Union experts to help site selection for the country’s first ski resort for race in line with international standard in 1959. It is this place that has witnessed the birth of China’s skiing sport and nourished numerous skiers. In addition, over 60 national and provincial ski races have been held here. The Tonghua Ski Resort is notable for agreeable natural conditions such as the satisfying fall of snow, the relatively longer period for the fall of snow, the high quality of snow, the less velocity of wind and the temperateness of climate. In recent years, sport, culture and tourism have been integrated in the ski resort through a series of programs targeting tourists including snow football, middle or high level mountain ski, ski biking and snowmobiling, which attract a lot of skiing fans and snow lovers every year. At present, additional 3 billion yuan has been invested to renew and expand the existing ski resort.