Luotong Mountain, December 5, 2016
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Luotong Mountain, formerly known as Luotuo Mountain, is about 35 kilometers away from Liuhe county seat. It is said that the famous General Luo Tong of Tang Dynasty passed through this place when he went northward to save the emperor, so this place is called Luotong Mountain. It is an important castle of strategic importance with numerous historic evidences left by Wei, Jin, Tang dynasties and even Koguryo. The Luotng Mountain is a famous historic site and well-known scenic area delivering ancient, dangerous, unique and serene features by its 62 scenic spots, for example, Historic Site of Mountain Gate, Wohu Peak, Huima Hill, Sanqing Palace, Suolong Lake, Yingbi Cliff, Daoshi Cave and Nantian Gateway.

Address: Luotong Mountain in Liuhe county

Telephone: 0435-7216116