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Chashu Mountain Tourist Farm

Chashuling Village was the location of outdoor scenes for TV series Chashu Mountain. The simple and honest people, strong flavor of folk customs, quiet valleys, clear streams, harmonious farmer families, enchanting legendaries and joyful funs make a beautiful idyllic scene here. The village, 36 km northwest to the Songjiang Town, is beside the Songhua Lake and southwest to the Laoye Mountain. It is a mountainous village with green mountains to its back, and is a typical mountain village in northeast China. Tourists can visit the Northeast Style Exhibition Hall, the locations of Niu Deshui, Ma Baiwan, Xique and the village office in the TV series and well-reserved primitive Northeastern residences. There are also towering trees reaching to the sky and campfire parties. Tourists can experience farmers’ life, eat their food and get the flavor of the atmosphere as well as putting feet on the TV series locations and get some sense of the story.

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