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Sumi Maple-Snow Valley Scenic Zone

The Sumi Maple-Snow Valley Scenic Zone, 30 km south to downtown Huadian City, is 2.4 hectares large. It has a variety of vegetation and trees and is rich in ecological resources. The difference in altitude is more than 800 meters in the zone, forming a unique floristic system. And the complete and excellent natural ecological environment is the precious treasure of the Maple-Snow Valley. In spring, flowers bloom; in summer, the mountains are green and water is beautiful; in autumn, red leaves cover the mountain; and in winter, snow is everywhere. The scenes are rather different in different seasons, all enchantingly picturesque. It is honored as “holy land that purifies the heart and primitive gallery of the nature”. The main scenic spots include the Red Maple and Snow Village, the Grand Red-Leaf Valley, the Golden Turtle Stone (or bed), Birch Garden, Small Huangshan Mountain and stone inscriptions from the Han Dynasty.

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