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Baishan Lake Recreational Resort

The Baishan Lake, in the Baishan Community of Hongshi Town in the southeast of Huadian City, is 78 km to the downtown and 300 km to the Tianchi Lake of the Changbai Mountain. The Yantai-Baishan Railway leads to the resort directly. Both land and water transportation from the Songhua Lake and Hongshi Lake to the Baishan Lake is very convenient. With excellent ecology and gifted tourist resources, it is good for sightseeing on the lake and recreations. The capacity of the Baishan Reservoir is 6.438 cubic meters, covering an area of 124 square km. The average depth is 90 meters and average width, 300 meters. It is a large lake in forest area on high mountains, and honored as “pearl beyond the Great Wall” and the“No.1 lake down the Changbai Mountain”. The lake, after power generation, flows into the Hongshi Lake and then into the Songhua Lake. It is an elevated lake after the Baishan Power Plant was built. The magnificent power plant, with a dam of 676.5 meters long, started to be built in 1958, and is the biggest underground hydro power plant in Asia.

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