Film, December 14, 2016
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Changchun Film Studio is the first film studio of the People’s Republic of China. It is hailed as the cradle of China’s film industry and has kept 7 records in China’s film history.

The studio has so far made over 900 feature films and introduced about 1,000 oversea films into China. Some of the studio’s excellent films, including Five Golden Flowers, Battle on Shangganling Mountain and Young Heroes and Heroines, have left good impressions for generations of Chinese people.

However, as China transited from a planned economy to a market economy, Changchun Film Studio failed to adapt to the transition and had suffered losses for 6 years by 1997. In 1998 when the film studio was on the brink of bankruptcy, the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the provincial government helped the film studio carry out reform process.

In 2005, Changchun Film Studio completed the reform and started making gains. In 2011, the film studio hit a record of net profit after tax of 65 million yuan (9.3 million dollars). The annual number of films made rose by 10 times from 3-5 films a year to 53 films in 2011. The total assets increased by 8 times from 250 million yuan (35.9 million dollars) before the reform to 2 billion yuan (0.28 billion dollars) in 2011.

Changchun Film Studio has been awarded titles of a national excellent enterprise in the cultural system reform and a national advanced enterprise in the cultural system reform by competent government agencies.