China.org.cn, December 14, 2016
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Peking Opera

The best performance of Peking opera in Jilin Province can be seen at the Peking Opera Theater of Jilin Province. Niu Zihou, a Jilin entrepreneur in Qing Dynasty, founded Xiliancheng Peking Opera Training School where famous Peking Opera artists such as Mei Lanfang and Zhou Xinfang studied. Since then, the development of Peking Opera has been closely connected with Jilin. Before 1949, Peking Opera was available in tea houses in Jilin. Mei Lanfang and Tang Yun had given their performances in Jilin for a long time. A modern Peking Opera, the Legend of Niu Zihou, dedicated to the entrepreneur’s extraordinary contribution to Peking Opera, is made and on in Changchun.

Ji Opera

The Ji Opera Theater of Jilin Province can provide excellent performance. Ji Opera as a typical local opera of Jilin Province is based on Errenzhuan, a genre of local folk dance and song popular in Northeast China. Famous Ji Opera actors include Wu Li, Sui Jingying,Wang Qingxia, Wang Guifen, Li Zhanchuan, An Jingfang and so on. Representative works of Ji Opera are Taolimei or Fates of Three Sisters, Yanqingmaixian or Yan Qing Sells Silk Threads, Baogongpeiqing or Bao Zheng Apologizes,etc.

Huanglong Opera

The Huanglong Opera Theater of Nong’an County is the only national intangible cultural heritage in the opera field in Jilin Province.The opera takes its name from Huanglongfu, a famous city in Liao Dynasty. Based on the Chinese shadow puppetry music, Huanglong Opera absorbs folk music and becomes a new opera with local characteristics. Representative works of Huanglong Opera are Hunxihuanglongfu or Soul of Huanglongfu, Shengminglou or Shengming Tower, Yinggefuren or Ms. Yingge, etc.