China FAW Group Corporation, February 20, 2017
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China FAW Group Corporation is headquartered in the southwest of Changchun with an area of 13 square kilometers. Founded on July 15, 1953, it has witnessed the rise of the Chinese automotive industry from nothing and earned world-wide influence. The group is known for producing China's first truck, China’s first car and first Dongfeng sedan. Since the reform and opening up began, it has set up several modern production lines to produce “Xinjiefang”, “Hongqi Century Star”, “Audi”, “Jetta” and other cars. China FAW Group Corporation also takes great pride in its invaluable collections that contain world-wide famous cars both classical and modern as well as various unpublished prototype cars produced by FAW in different periods. Moreover, visual and written materials recording work of Jiang Zemin and Li Lanqing can be found here. Efforts over the past decades have brought out to the public more than 550 kinds of cars under six general categories and made FAW the biggest automotive producer and seller in China. An automotive city, called Chinese Detroit, has been formed featuring both European and Chinese architecture with 300,000 persons living there.