Jilin Provincal Museum

China.org.cn, February 22, 2017
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At present, Jilin Provincial Museum boasts over 100,000 collections from ancient times to modern and contemporary times. Those splendid and varied collections are especially characterized by Chinese painting and calligraphy as well as relics of the Koguryo Kingdom, the Bohai Kingdom and the Manchu ethnic group of northeast China through the ages. Painting and calligraphy from both ancient, modern and contemporary times, and cultural relics of the Northeast United Resistance Army play an important role in China’s museum world. The museum held permanent and special exhibitions for over one thousand times. Now, the museum has three exhibitions: “Elegance of Manchu clothing: Exhibition of Qing Dynasty clothing collected by Jilin Provincal Museum”, “Stepping into the life of Qidan and Jurchen-Exhibition of unearthed relics from Liao and Jin dynasties in Jilin in recent years”, and “All Plants Struggle to Come out in Spring-Flower Show”.