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Wangtian’e Scenic Area

Wangtian’e Scenic Area is about 45 kilometers away from Changbai County. Its 40-kilometer-long Wangtian’e Canyon is 610 meters above the sea level at the lowest point and 1,100 meters at the highest point. The main peak of the scenic area, Wangtian’e Volcano, is the second highest peak in Northeast China for an altitude of 2,051.4 meters. The Wangtian’e Volcano and the Changbai Mountain Volcano form the ridge of peaks of the Changbai Mountain range. The most distinctive sights in this area are “eight waterfalls and ten extraordinary rock formations”. Feiliu Waterfall, Muzi Waterfall, Diaoshuihu Waterfall, Jiudie Waterfall, Zhenzhulian Waterfall and another three waterfalls constitute a dynamic and glorious picture which is balanced by the serenity and simplicity rendered by Qianzhu Peak, Shizhu Cliff, Shiti Cliff, Kongquekaiping Peak, Wangu Rock and another five rock formations.

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