Jilin’s tourism commodities outshine at expo

China.org.cn, 09 19, 2017
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A number of tourism commodities characteristic of Jilin Province outshone at the First Distinctive Tourism Commodities Expo held in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia from September 1 to 4.

The results of the Distinctive Tourism Commodities Contest of China held on August 30 and 31 in Baotou were announced at the expo.

Jilin’s tourism commodities, including food items made of Changbai Mountain ducks, leather carving, mountain ginseng, wine, quilt, incense burner, plank pyrograph,  rattle-drum and wooden comb, received two gold awards, seven silver ones and four bronze ones.

Tens of thousands of entries competed in the contest's twenty categories including food, textile, electronic equipment, handicraft and souvenir.

A jury composed of judges from across China examined the entries for their place of origin, market, utility, creativity, craftsmanship and exemplary role and then chose100 gold award winners,200 silver award winners and200 bronze award winners from1,504 pieces (sets) containing over15,000 tourism commodities from1,400 enterprises shortlisted for the awards after rounds of selection within respective provincial-level administrative divisions.

Jilin’s tourism commodities, mostly characteristic of its Manchu, Korean and Mongolian ethnic groups, garnered a great deal of attention from both professional and non-professional visitors at the expo.

The commodities showed originality both in design and craftsmanship and were of great cultural significance as they embodied the unique charm of traditional culture of minority ethnic groups in northern China. 

Besides, food items made of Changbai Mountain ducks were also popular buys at the expo because they were tender, juicy and rich in protein.

The expo and contest, which presented the appeal of tourism commodities, prompted tourism authorities around China to transform local distinctive products to distinctive tourism commodities. They, as a platform of exchanges and trade among tourism commodities from around the country, also generated higher consumer demands and helped these commodities to access the national market.