Yang Andi on research trip to Yitong County

China.org.cn, 10 11, 2017
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On September 27, Yang Andi, Director of Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Commission led a delegation on a research trip to Yitong Manchu Autonomous County. 

The trip is focused on investigating the integration of tourism with other industries in the county.

Officials of Siping City, which administers Yitong, accompanied the delegation during the trip, which took the delegation to Shengxuan Recreational Farmhouse in Heyuan Town, the square before Yitong Railway Station, Dagu Mountain Scenic Area, Volcanic Hotspring International Resort, the E-commerce Building and the Yitong Museum.

The delegation recognized the county’s endeavors to vigorously grow a distinctive tourism industry on the strength of its culture, history, natural scenery and transport facilities. It called the county to fully look at the present tourism market in order to develop products that help integrate tourism with other local industries.

The trip enabled the delegation to have a detailed understanding of the county’s tourism resource endowment and the status quo of development and thus work to find out a suitable development approach.

Yang pointed out that Yitong has a rich culture, colorful and unique tourism resources, and a huge room and potential for tourism development. She urged the county, now at a crucial stage for tourism development, to be more open-minded in digging up the historical stories, culture and value of each scenic spot and then make reasonable use of them to achieve sustainable tourism development.

Yang also called for attention to cultural tourism projects and stressed that while improving the physical appearance of a project, relevant authorities should also more actively present the culture behind each project in order to distinguish them.

She asked Yitong to make full use of its own advantages in developing tourism and improve the quality of the industry so as to bring in more visitors from both Jilin Province and beyond and event international visitors.

Yang also required fine scenic areas to adopt advanced growth patterns to effectively use their unique natural landscapes and revitalize regional tourism resources with a holistic approach so as to maximize the value of each scenic area.

Yang urged relevant authorities to support Yitong in its tourism development and help enterprises to solve problems encountered in carrying out tourism projects. Enterprises are required to work harder toward early completion of tourism projects.

Yang also emphasized the importance of packaging a tourism project and the need to consult experts.

Relevant authorities are also asked to create favorable conditions to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of market entities and accelerate the tourism transformation and upgrading of Yitong to achieve leapfrog development.

For all the tourism projects she visited, Yang inquired about their planning, construction, operation and the difficulties they faced.

Yang also found out the thinking and practice of each locality of Yitong for integrating tourism with other industries and heard reports by relevant authorities.

Yang said Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Commission will provide intellectual support to Yitong’s tourism development by sending experts there to give instructions and solve problems for enterprises in a timely fashion.

The delegation also inspected on the spot the implementation of safety measures at scenic areas, including the use of safety equipment and the measures for dealing with travel rush on holidays, and  required relevant authorities to put safety of tourists first and prevent serious and major accidents.