New media to promote tourism in Jilin, 04 12, 2018
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New media play an active role in promoting tourism in northeast China’s Jilin province. Accounts of Jilin Province Tourism Development Commission on various new media forming an aggregate and providing a grand stage for the province to showcase itself.

The commission pays close attention to using new media on information and publicity aspects and actively applies new means, technologies and forms to show the world a real, multidimensional and comprehensive Jilin.

The aggregate has become one of the most influential together with the aggregates of China National Tourism Administration, Zhejiang Province Tourism Development Commission, and Shandong Province Tourism Development Commission, among over 3,200 counterparts in the country. 

The aggregate upholds the call of the times, promotes the innovation, and builds consensus on cooperation, covering over 20 million people.

The assessment took into consideration many criteria, including the number of articles, views, sharing, and comments, which reflect the operation situation of the accounts.

The various articles posted in these accounts on new media totally reached over 11,000 and the number of views soared to 47.2 million in 2017.