Activities underway for China's National Tourism Day, 05 16, 2018
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A lot of activities are underway in northeast China's Jilin province for the China’s National Tourism Day on May 19, 2018.

Themed with environmental friendly tourism, activities such as the launching ceremony of China’s National Tourism Day, hiking, initiative of promoting a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, nectarine picking festival, and horse race festival, will be also available on scenic areas.

Activities aims to provide people more excellent, environmental friendly, safe, easy and favorable tourism products and services.

The organizers have set up two major venues in the Changying Century City and Jingyuetan National Forest Park.

Besides plentiful flower admiring opportunities and hiking in Jingyuetan National Forest Park, other activities such as fishing contest and kite festival in Siping city, art performance in Baishan city, the national touring car forum in Helong city, and horse race in Shuangliao city, will be also available.

132 preferential policies on tourism are announced to provide better tourism resources to visitors from all around the world.

Scenic areas such as Changying Century City will be open to the public for free on May 19 to celebrate China’s National Tourism Day.


Spots such as the Museum of the Imperial Palace of 'Manchukuo,' Jingyuetan National Forest Park and Changchun Zoological and Botanic Park will be opened for free on May 19 to the disabled. Changchun Zoological and Botanic Park will be opened for free on May 19 to seniors over age 65.


Preferential policies on tourism are also announced for model workers and advanced works.