Eight examples of pursuing high-quality tourism development in Jilin—Legend Cultural Development Co., Ltd

China.org.cn, 05 29, 2018
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Jilin province has been pursuing high-quality tourism development in recent years, aiming to make tourism a new pillar and driving force for its economic growth. The segments it is particularly ambitious in are eco tour and ice and snow tour with a goal to become a world-class destination for such tours. Meanwhile, it is also vigorously developing summer tour and border tour. Against this background, the province called a conference in Changchun on May 22 where eight case studies offered fresh, inspiring insight into how high-quality tourism growth could be achieved in the province. We will introduce the eight cases one by one. The case for today is Legend Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Zhang Hongtao, chairman of the board of Legend Cultural Development Co., Ltd

Legend Cultural Development Co., Ltd., a tourism attraction developer and operator, has been involved in the investment of nine well-known scenic spots including Changbai Mountain in Jilin, Hengshan Mountain, Zhangjiajie, Songya Lake in Changsha, Hailongtun in Zunyi, Hengshan Mountain, and Badaling Great Wall. The company ranked fifth on the list of top 100 enterprises in tourism investment in 2016 by the China National Tourism Administration. In 2017, the company received the China National Tourism Administration award for outstanding achievement in the industry.

The tourism industry of Changbai Mountain has grown swiftly, and the number of tourists continues to grow. However, it faces new situations. For instance, the spot is not rich enough in experience, facilities are not comprehensive, tourists' stay at the spot is too brief to effectively stimulate consumption. Against this background, Legend Cultural Development Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Changbai Mountain Development and Construction Group and established the Changbai Mountain Cultural Creative Industrial Park, which is the core project in the region to promote the upgrading of tourism, the major project in the province, the preferred project of China National Tourism Administration, and the project supported by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Changbai Mountain Cultural Creative Industrial Park is specific to the Changbai Mountain. The park features transport interchange facilities, ticket service, catering, shopping, and accommodation. It has planning area of 60 hectares and developing area of 20 hectares, involving a total investment of 2 billion yuan. Its first phase has the investment of 1.1 billion yuan and is near completion. The total annual capacity of the park will reach over one million people, it will help create 1,500 new jobs, and tourists will stay here more than four hours, which will promote the upgrading of tourism of Changbai Mountain and the overall development of Erdaobaihe county.

The project will decode the cultural connotation of Changbai Mountain and be well integrated with the international mature form of travel experiencing business. Cultural performances will be one of high points during the tour such as bird show, mythological performance and movie in a large flight-themed theater, where all equipment is of the products with UL certificate. The movie is made by the team once making many BBC flight documentary. The team makes it seem real, thrusting the viewer right into the process of flight. They fly, over the forest of Changbai Mountain, over the canon, and feast their eyes on the beauty of seasons.