Jilin promotes tourism in Jiangsu

China.org.cn, 05 30, 2018
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As a measure to implement relevant work plans of Jilin provincial government, expand Jilin’s presence in the Yangtze River Delta tourism market and enhance the province’s influence in east China in terms of tourism, a delegation of the provincial government went to east China’s Jiangsu province to conduct tourism exchanges in late May.

The highlight of the exchanges was the Jilin tourism promotion event held on May 28.

Jilin boasts beautiful ecological environment, spectacular natural scenery, a long history and unique folk customs, said Jing Junhai, governor of Jilin, at the event.

Jilin also has four distinctive seasons—late spring, early autumn, cool summer and cold winter—and such amazing sights as Tianchi Lake and rime.

Noting the geographical difference as well as complementarity between Jilin and Jiangsu in tourism resources, Jing expressed interest in learning from Jiangsu its advanced experience in developing tourism and expectations for enhanced cooperation.

He called for the two provinces to tie up in developing tourist routes, expanding tourism market, and promoting information sharing, exchange of sources of tourists, market interaction and mutual promotion of each other’s tourism industries.

He welcomed Jiangsu residents to visit Jilin to seek leisure, vacation and go sight-seeing.    

Chen Xingying, deputy governor of Jilin, said Jiangsu and Jilin are both standing on a new starting point in history to pursue high-quality development, in which tourism has played an increasing role.

He called for both sides to meticulously carry out a strategic cooperation agreement signed a day earlier, further explore potential for cooperation, enrich cooperation areas and innovate ways of cooperation so that their cooperation can expand and achieve higher level.

Sun Bing, vice president of Jiangsu Tourism Association, together with major tourism companies in the Yangtze River Delta region, started an initiative that will enable them to be more informed of Jilin’s tourism industry and lead to better information sharing, complementarity of resources and mutual promotion of tourism products. The initiative is also expected to help Jilin cultivate extensive connections and provide it with intellectual support.

The association and the tourism businesses involved in the initiative will go deep in exploring Jilin’s tourism resources and promote the province’s cool climate in summer and snow fun in winter as distinctive resources.

They will guide more people to get to know Jilin and learn about it and organize tourists on trips to Jilin.

Prefecture-level cities under Jilin also presented their distinctive tourism resources and images one by one. Cultural performances staged by Jilin Changbai Mountain Song and Dance Troupe displayed Jilin’s folk customs, specialty food and tourism resources.

A tourism and cultural exhibition, held on the sidelines of the promotion event, offered an interactive experience of Jilin’s tourism resources and folk customs for tourism companies, investors and media.

An exhibition of 60 photos on Jilin’s tourism products, folk customs and characteristic resources was also staged on the same venue.

To meet diversified tourist needs, Jilin presented over 100 tourism products that fall into five themes at the event—vacation in Changchun-Jilin-Yanbian area, health preservation in Changbai Mountain, grassland and wetland eco tour, self-driving border tour and urban leisure tour.

In recent years, especially the past two years, as the philosophy that champions all-for-one tourism, year-round tourism and the participation of all elements in an area quickly gathers momentum, Jilin’s tourism industry has entered a fast track of development with snow-themed tours in winter and cool climate-featured tours in summer driving year-round tourism development.

The coordination among different regions and a master industrial plan has become a power engine and incubator for integrated industry-urban development and the shift from old to new driving forces.

The province has taken a slew of measures to enhance its tourism industry in recent years including preferential policies for ice and snow tours, public toilet transformation, the building of a tourism service credibility system and market order correction. It has also launched a number of major tourism projects to improve its tourism transportation network and other tourism infrastructure. It is also updating a number of prime tourism products.

Jilin has gone beyond its traditional big draws such as Changbai Mountain to develop new tourism attractions, which led to the launch of a number of tourism projects like Changbai Mountain International Resort, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort and Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Area and a number of tourism products that feature red tourism, rime scenery, border views, etc.