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Jilin promotes cultural and tourism resources in Xi'an

The culture and tourism department of northeast China's Jilin province held a promotion of its cultural and tourism resources in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi province from May 11 to May 14.

The promotion took place in the Everbright Great Tang City, a very popular commercial and sightseeing pedestrian zone in Xi'an.

A dozen advertising light boxes were placed at the zone's central Zhenguan Square to exhibit Jilin's prime winter and summer tourism resources such as winter fishing in Chagan Lake, rime in Jilin city, Changchun Jingyuetan Vasa International Ski Festival, rural winter scenery in Huadian city, Mount Changbai Ski Resort, Songhua Lake, Jindalai Korean Folk Custom Village in Helong, Wangtiane Scenic Area of Mount Changbai, and Five Girl Peaks in Ji'an City.

In addition, six large LED screens on the external walls of the buildings on both sides of the square played Jilin province's spring and summer tourism promotion video, featuring snow melting, everything coming back to life in Mount Changbai's virgin forests, lush wetlands, water-abundant lakes, Siberian tigers and leopards wandering about, red-crowned cranes spreading their wings and flying, people picking ginseng in tranquil mountain woods, Manchu dancing, bonfire parties, etc.

At the nearby Shaanxi Grand Theatre, an original dance drama featuring Jilin's ginseng culture was performed in the evening, attracting thousands of local people to watch.

Outside the theatre was a live performance of the same theme, depicting a traditional ginseng collecting scene - a ginseng picker in traditional gear including a straw cloak, a pointed straw hat and a long wood club was collecting ginseng in the mountain woods with his two apprentices. The performance drew high praise from the audience.

On the site of the performance were an exhibition of almost a hundred kinds of ginseng-made tourism commodities brought by Tonghua, Baishan, Yanbian and Changbaishan, four ginseng-rich areas in Jilin.

Jilin also marketed two major tourist loop lines during the promotion, which connect the best cultural and tourism resources in eastern and western Jilin separately. The eastern line featured the province as a tourist destination with cool summer, ice and snow fun and eco scenery. The western line featured the province's wonderful rivers, lakes, grasslands and wetlands.

Changchun, Jilin, Liaoyuan, Siping, Songyuan, Baicheng, Meihekou and Gongzhuling, all administrative areas in Jilin, introduced their unique resources separately during the promotion.

Among their exhibits are Jilin No. 8 Meteorite, a collection of Jilin City Museum; the Three Treasures of Northeast China (ginseng, marten and antler); the Songhua inkstone, once honored for royal use; models of high-speed trains; clay sculptures; calabash paintings; rural tour products; border tour products; summer tour products; health tour products.

"Shaanxi is now hosting the Fourth Silk Road International Expo and international visitors are coming in. We are taking this opportunity to present Jilin to local and overseas visitors in Xi'an," said Jia Xin, an official of the cultural and tourism department of Jilin province said.