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Jilin holds cultural and tourism promotion in Shanxi

The cultural and tourism department of northeast China's Jilin province held a promotion of the province's cultural and tourism resources in north China's Shanxi province on May 13.

The department also hoped to learn from Shanxi's cultural and tourism industry through the promotion and boost Jilin-Shanxi cooperation in areas like information sharing and market connection so as to achieve common development.

Over 300 people of Shanxi's cultural and tourism community took part in the event.

"Since 2018, Jilin province has signed strategic cooperation agreements with eight provinces and municipalities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. We also hope to strength cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation with Jilin because the two provinces both have unique features and complement each other," said Chen Shoujun, deputy head of the department.

In addition, to enable Shanxi's general public to have a better sense of Jilin as a tourist city, members of the general public can go to the promotion for free.

Outside the the main promotion meeting room, several hundreds of cultural and tourism products and albums from Jilin were exhibited at 12 booths.

Mr. Gong of Shanxi-based Jinyang Travel Agency started to organize tours to northeast China in 2005. He arrived at the promotion one hour before it started and his interest this time was red tours for students as well as eco and health tours.

"The scale and quality of this promotion both markedly improve than before. For example, all participants receive a gift bag containing Jilin's tourism publications as well as a piece of ginseng-, marten- or antler-shaped paper cut, an intangible cultural heritage of Jilin. The paper cut is unique. I like it very much," said Gong.

Liu Yanping of Shanji-based Sijifeng Travel Agency showed great interest in the tourism commodities on show.

Speaking of two handmade gold-thread-embroidered Manchu Cheongsams, which were both priced at above 20,000 yuan, Liu said, "This is the first time Jilin comes to Taiyuan (capital of Shanxi province) to promote itself after the culture and tourism administrations merge. It is really refreshing for me. I never thought Jilin had such superb craftsmanship and such a rich cultural and tourism industry."

At the promotional meeting, a video was played to display the imposing views of Mount Changbai; two dances depicted the rime wonder in Jilin city and the winter fishing in Chagan Lake respectively.

Different cities of Jilin presented their unique cultural and tourism resources at the promotion. Changchun city featured its long history, rich culture and beautiful eco scenery; Jilin city the Jilin No. 8 Meteorite, rime scenery and ski resorts; Yanbian Korean costumes, food and dances; Liaoyuan intangible cultural heritage, farmers’ painting and pipa.

Sun Wei, a cultural and tourism official of Tonghua city, said, "Dozens of people representing Shanxi-based travel agencies have inquired about the city's cultural and tourism products."

A Jilin landscape photography exhibition also attracted a big audience.

"Jilin has brought many a tourism products, commodities and enterprises this time. It shows Jilin attaches great importance to the Shanxi market. We get a lot of information at this promotion and are more confident in organizing tours to Jilin," said Tian Weizheng, general manager of Shanxi-based Jiuzhoutong International Travel Agency.