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Jilin promotes summer and winter tourism at 12th China Art Festival

To further promote itself as a winter and summer tourism destination, northeast China's Jilin province set an exhibition stand at the Show Business, Cultural and Creative Products Expo that opened in Shanghai on May 19 as part of the 12th China Art Festival.

The Jilin stand is located on the second floor of the Shanghai Exhibition Center and has an exhibition area of 275 square meters divided into four sections - for cultural relics-themed products, intangible cultural heritage-themed products, folk customs and tourism commodities seperately.

At the section dedicated to cultural relics-themed products, visitorscan see baron lanterns; the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army-themed thermos cups, T-shirts and luggage bags; cups with hand-drawn snow scenery patterns; Songhua inkstones; tea sets; Songhua Stone ornaments presented by Jilin Provincial Musueum and Jilin Ruijing Songhua Stone Company Ltd. 

The section for intangible cultural heritage-themed products features handmade crochet products and pipas brought by Jilin Province Jiangyi Cultural Communication Company Ltd. and Jilin Province Fulangde Straw and New Material Company Ltd. Fulangde's pipas won gold prize in the 2018China Characteristic Tourism Commodities Contest.

The folk customs section highlights Jilin's unique handicrafts such as maize leaf-woven products and Manchu embroidery presented by Jilin Province Donglin Straw Plaiting Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. and Jilin City Wulagege Machu Costume Design Co., Ltd.

The tourism commodities section highlighted a wide range of products developed around Jilin's AAAAA-rated scenic areas and the Mount Changbai, Manchu and Korean ethnic culture brought by Jilin Kachuo Cultural and Creative Artworks Technology Co. Ltd and Changchun Ai Ai Future Cultural Co. Ltd. Among the exhibits are Liu Xiuping calabash carvings, books recording footprints of famous historical figures in Jilin, Xubangjia hard-pen calligraphy works, Mount Changbai-themed Jingdezhen porcelain bottles, scarves with hand-drawn maps featuring "happy Changchun," paper cuts, fish-skin ornaments from Chagan Lake and wula sedge-made products.

Jilin Folk Art Troupe and the opera troupe of Lishu county, Siping city staged live performances at the exhibition venue.