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Jilin exhibits intangible cultural heritages in Shigatse

The 17th Qomolangma Cultural Tourism Festival, co-hosted by Jilin and Shigatse, began in Shigatse, Tibet autonomous region, on June 18. At the same time, an exhibition of intangible cultural heritages of Jilin was held in the Shigatse people's art hall.

Jilin exhibited a wide range of intangible cultural heritages in the activity such as paper cutting, dough molding, Chinese knot making, calabash painting, paper ripping, reed painting, farmer painting, fishskin painting, horse head string instrument making, knife painting, and iron art, which are all characteristic of Jilin and have won accolades from both home and aboard.  

Shi Yugang, deputy governor of Jilin, Zhang Yanqing, vice chairman of Tibet, and Liu Hushan, mayor of Shigatse, and some other local officials visited the exhibition, and extended their best wishes to two of the intangible cultural heritage artistists who are in their 70s.