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Jilin artistic performance popular among Tibetan audience

A Jilin folk artistic performance was staged in Shigatse on June 19, as part of the 17th Qomolangma Cultural and Tourism Festival.

The tourism festival was co-hosted by the Shigatse municipal government and the Jilin provincial government.

The Jilin folk artistic performance was staged on June 18, 19 and 20 respectively.

Troupes directly under the Jilin provincial government, including the provincial symphony orchestra, opera troupe, song and dance troupe, took part in the performance, which represents the highest level of Jilin in artistic performance, and demonstrates distinctive Jilin characteristics and local folk and ethnic cultures.

The audiences were fascinated by the artistic performance, which was directed by the top directors in the province and included the most characteristic performing artistic forms, such as song-and-dance duet that is popular in Northeast China and Peking Opera. The performance deepens mutual understanding between Jilin and Tibet.