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Jilin promotes six self-driving routes

A news conference unveiling jike chufa (start off at an auspicious moment), the self-driving tours program of Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, was held in the Luneng Resort of Changbai Mountains in the Fusong county of Jilin province on June 20.

The activity aims to strengthen Jilin's cooperation with neighboring provinces and regions in exploring Jilin's self-driving resources and boost self-driving tourism and industry development in the province.

According to Zhuang Qingxu, head of Jilin Tourism Association's self-driving and RV branch, the agency in main charge of implementing the program, the activity has six kinds of self-driving routes.

The first route is around the Changbai Mountains, along which tourists can see the Tianchi Lake and mountain villages and cities on the northern and western slopes of the mountain. In the future, the southern and eastern slopes will be opened to self-driving tourists.

The second route is the one leading to the source region of three rivers— Songhua, Yalu and Tumen— which is the cradle of Jilin's ethnic culture and history, which can help increase visitors’ knowledge on Jilin.

The third route is to visit the Chagan Lake, Songhua Lake, and forest of the Changbai Mountains, so that the tourists can better experience Jilin's diversity in ecology and landscape.

The fourth route takes the tourists to hot springs in Jilin, where they can have a taste of local specialties, such as ginseng, mineral water and other pro-health natural products.

The fifth route is to let the tourists experience local folk customs and cultures. The tourists can live in farmers' courtyards, and experience the unique cultures of the Korean, Manchurian and Mongolian peoples.

Zhuang hopes the self-driving tourism and the development of countryside tourism can promote each other's development, as they can boost the development of local folk customs, culture and tourism industries.

The sixth route lets the tourists experience comfortable summer resort life in small towns in the province, so as to boost the development of real estate, catering and accommodation industries.

Jilin Tourism Radio will try to increase its media exposure through its cooperation with its media partners in Heilongjiang and Liaoning.

After the brand release, about 100 people from Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jilin started to experience three of the tour routes featuring Changbai Mountains in more than 30 cars.