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International Conference on Development of Knowledge Innovation Service Industry held in Changchun

The International Conference on Development of Knowledge Innovation Service Industry and the 2019 International Conference on Integrated Development of Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries (CDPDL) opened in Changchun on August 8.

The event was jointly sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Library, the Tsinghua University Library, the University of Hong Kong Libraries, the University of Jilin Library, and the Chinese Academic Journal (CD), with guidance from the publicity department of Jilin province.

More than 2,000 guests from over 30 European, American, Asian and Australian countries and regions attended the conferences who work in the sectors of library, publishing, and education as well as another seven related sectors. 

Participants exchanged views on integrating the development of digital publishing and digital libraries around the theme“knowledge innovation, knowledge service and knowledge management.”

Zhao Ruijun, curator of Jilin Provincial Library, delivered a keynote speech during the event on behalf of Jilin province's public libraries. Entitled "Adapt to the Times and Improve the Services of Provincial-level Libraries and Pursue Service Innovations," the speech introduced Jilin Provincial Library's achievements as a trailblazer guiding other public libraries across Jilin. 

On August 9, Jilin Provincial Library held an international symposium on the innovation of public libraries at its auditorium, as part of CDPDL. More than 200 guests, including public library and cultural center experts, scholars and professionals from home and abroad, attended the symposium. The main topic was new patterns for knowledge service innovation and development in an era of innovation and transformation. 

Zhang Chenyuan, deputy director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin, Sun Yigang, deputy curator of the National Library of China, and Chan Qinglong, vice general manager of Tongfang Knowledge Network, addressed the symposium. 

Representatives of the National Library of Sri Lanka, the National Library of Maldives, the National Library of France, and the National Library of Nepal shared with participants the challenges and opportunities of the innovative development of libraries in their respective countries. 

Wang Zhizhou, professor of information management of Peking University, presented a keynote report on passing down library collections and promoting reading of classics.

Hao Tianxiao, director of Jilin Provincial Library's children department, introduced the department's Noah's Ark program to illustrate the library's pursuit of innovative children activities. 

At the conferences, curators of Jilin's public libraries got a greater sense of what was happening in the public library industry worldwide from different perspectives. Some of the innovative and frontier ideas and practices presented at the conferences will provide valuable references for Jilin Provincial Library's innovative development.