Yanbian promotes culture and tourism in Beijing

China.org.cn, 08 29, 2019
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Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeast China's Jilin province will host the 2019 Northeast Asia (China·Yanbian) Culture, Tourism and Food Week early September, it was announced at an event promoting the prefecture's cultural and tourism resources in Beijing on August 19.

The promotional event was sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin and the People's Government of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and organized by the Yanbian Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism and the People's Government of Hunchun City.

Tian Yunpeng, associate counsel of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin, Piao Xuezhu, deputy head of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Piao Feng, director of the Yanbian Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, and Xu Xi, vice president of China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd., attended the promotional event, together with representatives of over 40 media organizations and 70 tourism businesses, including people.com.cn, China News Service, Beijing Satellite TV, Beijing Chamber of Tourism, China Travel Service and Beijing Tourism Group.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and the 67th anniversary of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. It is also regarded as a crucial year for fulfilling Yanbian's strategic goal to become a cultural and tourism powerhouse.  

The 2019 Northeast Asia (China·Yanbian) Culture, Tourism and Food Week represents one of Yanbian's efforts to commit to the Belt and Road Initiative, strengthen cultural and tourism exchanges among northeast Asian countries, promote the integration of its culture and tourism sectors and enhance the popularity, influence and competitiveness of Yanbian's tourism brand.

When introducing Yanbian's cultural and tourism development at the promotional event, Piao Xuezhu said,"Yanbian, located on China's border with Russia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is the only Korean autonomous prefecture in China. It is an important point of China opening to the north under the Belt and Road Initiative, and a window and a forefront area for the development and opening-up of the Changchun city-Jilin city-Yanbian prefecture region. Currently, Yanbian is at a key period of accelerating transformation, innovation, green development and opening up, and the prefecture has also entered a new periold for cultural and tourism development, following a strategy to make tourism a driving force for achieving prosperity.”

Tian Yunpeng presented Jilin province and Yanbian prefecture's unique tourism resources at the event.

He said that Jilin is leveraging its ecological and cultural advantages and its position as a tourism center of northeast Asia to develop its  "lucid waters and green mountains" and ice and snow resources. By developing integrated tourism with Jilin characteristics, the province is making steady headway toward becoming a world-class eco-tourism destination.

Xu Xi said that China CYTS Tours, a strategic partner of the Yanbian government, will promote industry-finance cooperation and carry out close cooperation with Yanbian with quality cultural and tourism products and services in varios fields, through multiple channels and across multiple layers.

Piao Feng announced the arrangements for the 2019 Northeast Asia (China·Yanbian) Culture, Tourism and Food Week.

About 1000 Chinese and international guests will be invited to the Week, including guests from northeast Asian countries, participants of the Northeast Asia Culture and Tourism Forum, and guests representing 36 of China's minority ethnic groups.

During the Week, ten cultural and tourism activities characteristic of Yanbian's ethnic and geographical features will take place with a view to building Yanbian into a famous leisure town in north China with a distinct Korean culture. They include the opening ceremony, the Eighth Northeast Asia Culture and Tourism Forum,“Charming China” show, performance of intangible cultural heritages, Yanbian food exhibition, food exhibition of China's minority ethnic groups, food exhibition of northeast Asian countries, launch ceremony of Global Artist League's Northeast China International Ethnic Art Academy and tours around Yanbian by online celebrities.

Yanbian Song and Dance Troupe staged a performance featuring the prefecture's rich cultural and tourism resources during the promotional event. Yanbian food was also on offer on the occasion to impress participants with their freshness and wonderful taste.