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Changchun marks PRC's 70th anniversary with colorful art performances

To celebrate the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China and as part of the Third Jilin Summer Leisure Season, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin Province and the People's Government of Changchun City will commission the Jilin Province International Cultural Exchange Center and the Jilin Performance Co., Ltd to organize a dozen of art performances throughout September, which include clown performances, opera performances, cross talk performances, symphony performances and concert performances.

The performances will be staged by outstanding troupes and artists from Russia, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador as well as performing artists from the Chinese National Center for the Performing Arts.

Happy Clown Carnival

Performed by: National Circus of Ukraine 

Date and venue:

September 3 Changchun Water Culture Ecological Garden

September 4 Changchun International Conference Center

With some of the best performers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan, the National Circus of Ukraine enjoys great international fame. It presents various forms of performances including clown comedy, acrobatics, samba, magics and cartoon figure shows, which are a lot of fun to watch and highly interactive. The performances are highly recommended for children and family gathering. The performers and shows of the circus have won a number of awards at professional international contests. The circus has been on a China tour for five straight years with already 300 shows being watched by nearly 200,000 people.

Black Diamond Jazz Concert

Performed by: Black Diamond Jazz

Date and Venue:

September 6 Changchun Film Studio Music Hall

September 7 Changchun Water Culture Ecological Garden

Black Diamond Jazz is one of the most popular foreign bands in China. Founded in Shanghai in 2007, it quickly became a black horse on the entertainment scene. It mainly performs American jazz classics, modern pop music and Chinese songs. Its lead singer has won Jiangsu Satellite TV's Foreigners Singing Contest. The band distinguishes itself by a wonderful mix of European and American vocal styles with classic Chinese songs.

Cross Talk Show in Celebration of Hong Hu Cross Talk Club's First Anniversary

Performed by: Hong Hu Cross Talk Club

Lead performers: Chen Yinquan, Hou Zhenpeng

Date and venue:

September 11 and 12 Changchun International Conference Center

Hong Hu Cross Talk Club is a club that has given performances on the spring gala shows of CCTV and local satellite TVs as well as comedy and variety shows. Chen Yinquan and Hou Zhenpeng as partners have entered several comedy and cross talk TV talent shows with wonderful results.

Pop Music Concert

Performed by: Ukraine Brilliant Stars Band

Date and venue:

September 14 and 15 Jilin Province Dazhong Theatre

Ukraine Brilliant Stars is a band that mainly perform pop and classic music. Band members are all professional musicians. Female lead singer Nargis has taken part in many music contests and talent shows such as CCTV's Xing Guang Da Dao and has staged performances on many TV stations including CCTV. The songs they perform are all world-famous ones.

World-known Chinese Classical Music – The Butterfly Lovers and the Yellow River

Performed by: Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Date and venue:

September 14 Changchun Film Studio Music Hall

The Butterfly Lovers and the Yellow River are among the symphony songs the Chinese audience is most familiar with. They are also two of the Chinese music works that enjoy the highest international influence. As the best symphony orchestra in Slovakia, a country along the Belt and Road, the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra has played a big role in promoting the two classical Chinese songs. Founded in 1929, the orchestra is the oldest existing world-class radio symphony orchestra in Slovakia. It has won many national honors and is one of the world's symphonies with the most music recordings. It has released recordings of many Chinese music works including the Butterfly Lovers, the Yellow River, the Long March Songs and Ge Da Mei Lin. The recordings of the Butterfly Lovers and the Yellow River are done in partnership with famous violinist Takako Nishizaki and pianist Yin Chengzong and enjoy great fame in Asia. This year is of special significance as it marks the 60th anniversary of the violin concerto version of the Butterfly Lovers, the 50th anniversary of the piano concerto version of the Yellow River and the 90th anniversary of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

La bohème

Performed by: Chinese National Center for the Performing Arts

Date and venue:

September 21 and 22 Jilin Province Dazhong Theatre

La Boheme is an opera in four acts composed by Giacomo Puccini. Since its world premiere in 1896, the opera has won the heart of opera fans all over the world. has become part of the standard Italian opera repertory and is one of the most frequently performed operas worldwide.