Jilin promotes culture and tourism in Heilongjiang

China.org.cn, 11 22, 2019
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On November 16 and 17, Jilin held a promotion of its cultural and tourism resources in Heilongjiang.

The promotion was divided into two parts: a thematic seminar on November 16, and a presentation of "Go to Jilin Aboard a High-speed Train", a cultural and tourism brand of Jilin, at a famous commercial street in Harbin on November 16 and 17.

During the promotion, Jilin mainly introduced six thematic tours: snow tour, self-driving tour, study tour, health tour, photography tour, and folk custom tour, together with the scores of routes to go with them that are designed to cater to all age groups. Through these routes, Jilin's folk custom, rural, revolutionary and industrial tourism resources have been organically linked.

In terms of the snow tour, Jilin boasts modern ski resorts that meet international standards such as the Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, Beidahu Ski Resort, Luneng Resort and Changbai Mountain International Resort. Besides, it is home to such specialized ski resorts as the Four-season Cross-Road Ski Resort, which are rarely seen in China. For ice and snow sport beginners and those who just want a leisurely experience of the snow fun, there are the Lotus Mountain Snow Resort, the Jingyue Ski Resort and the Miaoxiang Mountain Ski Resort.

At the promotion, the snow tour brand was introduced with a less-than-two-minute video that shows what visitors can see and do in Jilin on a snow tour, including the Old Keli Lake, the rime scenery, the Vasa competition, night skiing and bathing in a thermal spring in a snowfall. Many people in the audience said what was shown in the video was very much beyond imagination and they wanted to see more.

Regarding the self-driving tour, the series was launched less than half a year ago, but already Jilin has rolled out eight products for self-driving tourists, including the tour around the Changbai Mountain, the tour to the headwaters of Songhua River, Yalu River and Tumen River, eco tour, health and summer tour, and rural and folk custom tour. With professional services, unusual routes and high cost efficiency, the products have earned good reputation in Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang. So far nearly 5,000 drivers have gone on the tours.

The study tour was a response to China's booming study tour market. According to Cui Yuanyu, who is with the Changchun Culture International Travel Agency, the study tour, seven days and six nights long, offers students an experience of seven distinct aspects of Jilin: ice and snow, film, industry, astronomy, folk custom, culture, history. During the tour, students will overlook the majestic and mysterious Tianchi Lake, appreciate the rime scenery, look at the border of China, Russia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, hike around the Old Keli Lake, where the snow can be higher than a person, watch the snow sculptures at the Jingyuetan scenic area, experience winter fishing at Chagan Lake, and enjoy a hot spring at a volcanic area. They will also explore the culture of Changbai Mountain and learn how to make Manchu paper-cut, explore the universe aboard a model of Jilin No. 1 Satellite, and experience local folk customs through food and dance.

Health tour, combining Jilin's modern agricultural resources with its health resources, is also gaining popularity. Fish from the Chagan Lake, ginseng from Changbai Mountain, wine from Tonghua, and blueberry juice from Changbai Mountain are all believed to be both delicious and nutritious. Jilin is also rich in thermal spring resources. Its springs have a temperature of 60 degrees centigrade all year round and contains over 30 kinds of mineral substances and micro-elements. It is really an extraordinary experience to bath in a hot spring on a snowy day.

The photography tour comes in six scenic routes. At the promotion, photographer Zhao Chunjiang exhibited over ten of his photos taken in Jilin, including those of Jilin's rime scenery, the Tianchi Lake on Changbai Mountain and the Erhe Snow Town. He highly recommended the six routes to photographers, saying the routes all feature wonderful shooting locations.

The folk custom tour will take tourisms to experience Jilin's festivals, folk customs and border scenery, including the spring festival, Manchu-style ice activities, Korean songs and dances, the lumberjack culture, winter fishing in Chagan Lake and New Year blessing in border city Hunchun.