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Jilin, Heilongjiang seek common tourism development

On November 16 and 17, Jilin held a promotion of its cultural and tourism resources in Heilongjiang.

The promotion was divided into two parts: a thematic seminar on November 16, and a presentation of "Go to Jilin Aboard a High-speed Train", a cultural and tourism brand of Jilin, at a famous commercial street in Harbin on November 16 and 17.

When delivering a speech at the thematic seminar, Jing Junhai, governor of Jilin province, called on Jilin and Heilongjiang, both provinces rich in ice and snow resources, to seek closer cooperation, deeper exchanges and more frequent interactions, and strive to achieve mutual complementarity for greater common development.

Cheng Zhiming, deputy governor of Heilongjiang province, said on the same occasion that Heilongjiang and Jilin, both located along the Songhua River, have a closely linked future, adding that the initiative to build a Changbai Mountain and Heilongjiang River Tourism Community had become an important platform for tourism cooperation between the two provinces.

The two provinces signed a cooperation agreement to jointly improve the market order of China-Russia border tours.

Jilin also promoted its cultural and tourism resources at the seminar, primarily its six flagship themed tour brands: snow tour, self-driving tour, study tour, health tour, photography tour and folk custom tour.

Outside of the seminar venue, a wide arrange of cultural and tourism products from across Jilin were exhibited for guests of the seminar to get a direct sense of the province's resources, including the two tourist loop routes.

Also attending the seminar were Wang Wentao, governor of Heilongjiang province, Sun Zhe, mayor of Harbin city, Wang Dongguang, secretary general of the provincial government of Heilongjiang, Wu Jingping, deputy governor of Jilin province, Zhang Zhijun, deputy governor of Jilin province, Liu Xin, mayor of Changchun city, and Wang Zhihou, secretary general of the provincial government of Jilin.