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Public square dance created by Jilin Provincial Cultural Center wins national recognition

In a national competition of public square dances that was started in August and entered by over 200 pieces of work, a work created by Jilin Provincial Cultural Center, Love for Northeast China, or Guan Dong Qing, was selected for national promotion by professional judges recently, together with nine other pieces, marking the highest honor Jilin had received in term of public square dancing.

A joint effort by Wang Zhiwei, a choreographer of the Jilin Provincial Cultural Center, and the center's experts, Love for Northeast China, based on yangko, a popular rural folk dance in northeast China, is full of characteristic cultural elements of Jilin, and is easy for national promotion. The idea behind the dance is to show local people's love for yangko and their appreciation of the good life brought by national reform and opening-up.

Also during the same competition, a public square dance by Siping Mass Art Center was named one of the top 10 most popular public square dances watched online.