Jilin Provincial Library donates books to Jilin Provincial Orphans School

China.org.cn, 07 21, 2020
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The Jilin Provincial Library donated 200 books, 100 picture books and 600 journals to the Jilin Provincial Orphans School in an activity on July 16.

The Jilin Provincial Orphans School focuses on offering nine-year compulsory education and has high-school, higher vocation and labor skill programs. 

Its students are of different ages and thus have various demands for books. To satisfy their demands, the books donated were primarily the biographies of famous people, Chinese and foreign masterpieces, educational books, and psychological books to guide the students to develop in a healthy way both physically and psychologically, to benefit from literature and to learn about the beauty of art.

The provincial library would continue such activities in the future to make more students get interested in and take pleasure from reading.