Jilin restarts cross-province group tour fast and in order

China.org.cn, 07 31, 2020
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Since the provincial Party committee and government of Jilin gave the green light to cross-provincial group tour resumption on July 22, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has been quickly organizing and instructing travel agencies to do the job well. Now cross-province group tour in Jilin is restarting in a safe, orderly and steady way.

To ensure the traffic safety of tourists as well as protect them from the COVID-19 risk, the department has released a document together with the Jilin Provincial Department of Transport on epidemic prevention and traffic safety. They asked local governments to perform their due responsibilities to prevent the epidemic and ensure work safety. They also asked travel agencies to abide by traffic safety management rules and tour guides to shoulder their responsibilities in this regard. Besides, they required inter-provincial tourist coaches to take epidemic prevention measures and follow traffic safety management rules.

Meanwhile, group tours from and to medium- and high-risk epidemic regions will not be allowed.

As of July 27, 62 cross-province group tours have been organized for 1,116 tourists. A peak is expected soon with the start of the summer vacation and the high tourism season often seen in summertime.