'Fantastic Nights in Jilin • 2020 Summer Performance Season' kicks off

China.org.cn, 08 04, 2020
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The "Fantastic Nights in Jilin • 2020 Summer Performance Season" activity kicked off both online and offline in Jilin on August 3 and will last one month.

The activity features over 2,000 performers from 28 troupes from both home and abroad giving 20 types of art performances through 30 shows.

The shows are divided into five categories serving different purposes: shows to express gratitude to those who have fought on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle, outstanding shows by Jilin's provincial troupes, shows presented under the second Jilin Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, shows echoing to the summer tourism brand "enjoy a 22℃ cool summer", and "Cloud Theater" for introducing excellent shows for online viewing.

The activity has brought together Jilin's excellent stage art, fine art and photography art works with local characteristics. It also aims to display the charm of the province's intangible cultural heritages. 80 representative projects of intangible cultural heritage, more than 100 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, and more than 500 products of intangible cultural heritage will appear at the activity.