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Jilin Provincial Library exhibits calligraphy and painting works of children of migrant workers

Sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the tenth Jilin Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Works of Children of Migrant Workers kicked off at the Jilin Provincial Library on August 17.

Holding a main position in Jilin's public cultural service system and as an important window to serve the children of migrant workers, the Jilin Provincial Library established a reading base for migrant workers' children in 2011, which it used as a platform to establish 71 student study rooms for schools with a higher proportion of migrant workers’ children. So far, the study rooms have held various cultural activities such as lectures, exhibitions, and trainings for migrant workers' children.


The Jilin Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Works of Children of Migrant Workers, as a brand for serving children of migrant workers, is a platform for this special group of children to display their talents and enjoys wide influence among students and teachers.

With strong support from the cultural and tourism authorities, the educational authorities as well as other competent authorities of Jilin, the event received more than 7,100 works from more than 300 participating units from around Jilin.

The works, rich in subject matters and diverse in forms, including children's paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy, sketches, and paper-cutting, featured the unique perspectives and simple languages of children and depicted the thriving life of rural areas in the new era and the children's expectations for a better life.

Some of the works had an anti-epidemic theme and expressed their authors' firm confidence that the country would surely win the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic and their admiration for the first-line medical workers. Showing the children's optimism and positive attitude, works under this theme was a highlight of the exhibition.

After preliminary and final selections, 376 works were awarded and 150 of them were exhibited.

The exhibition will last until the end of September offline. Meanwhile, the Jilin Provincial Library also launched the exhibition online at Visitors can visit the website or simply scan an QR code to view the exhibition online.