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Reading Promoter training program holds 16th training session

The 16th training session of Jilin's Reading Promoter training program was held from August 18 to 21 online.


The session, organized by the Library Society of China at the request of the Library Society of Jilin and the Jilin Provincial Library, was aimed to cultivate a number of people who are able to provide reading guidance and enhance people's reading interest and ability and fully leverage the role of libraries in promoting reading.

389 people from local libraries received the training.

The session featured five thematic lectures given by Wang Yu, secretary of the Party General Branch, Liaoning Normal University Library; Li Donglai, chief librarian of Dongguan Library and director of the Reading Promotion Committee of the Library Society of China; Li Chaoping, associate professor of School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University; Zhang Junling, professor of School of Management, Hebei University and deputy director of the Reading Promotion Committee of the Library Society of China; Guo Xinping, chief librarian of Taiyuan Library. 

Their lectures were entitled "Brand Creation and Cultivation of Reading Promotion Activities", "Integration and Planning of Library Reading Promotion", "Reading Promotion: Problems and Strategies", "Reading Promotion Activities and Planning", and "Exploration of Library Reading Promotion in the Post-epidemic Period" respectively.

Training content included the basic work and theory of reading promotion, planning of reading promotion projects, development of reading promotion in the post-epidemic period, study of university reading promotion cases, and study of public library reading promotion cases.

To ensure training quality, the organizer set up an online group to solve the various problems encountered by trainees in a timely manner and strengthen communication. It also sent short messages to trainees to remind them to study and answer exam questions. 

After completing all the courses and passing the online evaluation, trainees would be awarded the "Reading Promoter" badges issued by the Library Society of China.